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Inca berry
Cape Gooseberry
Ground cherries
      All  above  are  the names of a very special fruit scientifically named
"Physalis Peruviana L". A berry native to the South America. First cultivated
by the Incas, then taken to  South  Africa  via  the Cape of Good Hope (thus
the Cape Gooseberry name) with English settlers in 1800’s.
    It is referred to by some doctors & dietitians as the
SUPERFOOD, for its
various healthy benefits  and multi-vitamins  contents.
    Dr.Oz's Breakthrough belly blaster
    "To help you blast away unwanted belly fat, try these top three superfoods.
They’re inexpensive and can be eaten any time of day.
.....the goldenberry is loaded with B vitamins that are essential for  maintaining a
healthy metabolism.  While they’re sold fresh,  goldenberries are easier to find in
dried form…
Eat ¼ cup daily.…"
(Articles on Fri 09/09/2011; http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/5-steps-conquering-your-over-40-belly?page=3 )
Believed to be the only plant that contains B12 vitamins.
-Burn Fat & Glucose
-Improve muscle mass
-Helps control sugar level
-Purifies the blood
-Fortifies optical nerves
-Effective throat treatment
-Prostate affections
-Immune system protector
-High in antioxidants
-High in vitamin C
-High in Protein
-High in Fiber
-High in Iron
-High in Calcium
-High in potassium
-High in Bioflavonoid
Holistic medicine
Advises eating golden berries
in lieu of a  multivitamin  as  it
is high in vitamins A, vitamin C
vitamin B1, vitamin B2,B6, B12
and vitamin P.

Folk medicine (Inca)
Use it to cure cancer, leukemia,
malaria, asthma, hepatitis, dermatitis & rheumatism.
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